Thursday, April 23, 2009

Waterboarding - The True Story

We've all heard a lot about the "torture" of Islamic militants. We might not hear much more about it since President Obama said he would outlaw the practice.
Personally, I think we should stay out of military affairs, as the US, Canada and Australia seem to be the only countries that play by rules created and set up by our enemies. I've often wondered about this torture technique as I have heard it is psychological more than physical. Now I can see first hand what is involved, and I think our enemies should be grateful that *I* am not allowed to obtain information from them for the protection of my family.

So... A Playboy journalist wants to know himself how bad this really is. Click on the link below and see for yourself that at no time is the "enemy" in danger of losing his life or any limbs.

Playboy journalist thinks he can endure 15 seconds of waterboarding